What does Financial Independence mean

Ring ring ring
Snooze for 5 mins
Ring ring ring
Snooze for another 5mins

Brush teeth, shower, get dressed while maintaining a close eye on the time. Rushing to ensure not to be late for work.
List of things to do that floods your mind while on the way to work.

When travelling to work do you observe what most people are doing? Shag faces trying to squeeze in some sleep.

Welcome to the rat race. It’s part and parcel of being an adult.
Some may say that if you enjoy your work you won’t find the things I mentioned above to be a chore. But then given a choice I wouldn’t want to have to work til the stipulated retirement age that society deems. That’s why having a goal to achieve financial independence is crucial (at least to me). To be able to semi retire by 35. To not be part of the morning commute rush, not having to force myself up everyday and follow the norm of working and heading home.

Financial Independence to me is having the CHOICE and OPTION to do the things that is meaningful. It can be taking a major pay cut to try something different, totally quitting your job and travel the world. It can be even continuing with your current job because work is better when you don’t need the money.

FI is about delayed gratification, saving what you have now for the future. In this age of #YOLO saving can be hard when all your friends are buying cars with their new paycheck, instagramming at fancy cafes or checking out the shops for the trendiest sneakers. But then if it’s easy, everyone would have done it. So what is stopping you from starting on your path to FI? If you’re not saving enough, set an amount to save each month. If you’re spending too much use a tracker to monitor what you can cut down on. The best time to start is NOW! What’s your motivation for attaining FI?



  • B

    Hi Cupcake

    Ring ring ring…Time to enjoy the sunrise. It’s a different feeling than ring ring ring having to rush off to work.

  • Anonymous

    FI is a BIG word and it means different things to different people. For me, FI would signify a major milestone in life having put in the >20yrs of work and savings enough to not worry about the next half a lifetime. Living a life is more than just work work work and squirreling squirreling investing all the monies. It's about living for the moment, spending time with family and friends. Looking to achieve this in the next 4yrs if all goes per plan.

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