Portfolio Update October 2018

What a month it has been! The recent rout in the market has led to declines in the market like the one seen in Feb this year. Headlines like is this the end of the bull market, bear market starting etc etc starts to appear on my feed. My overall portfolio was in the red with the STI ETF down about 16% since from its peak of 3.6. Although I just started my individual income portfolio this year, I could already feel the volatility of the market. The corrections in Feb and Oct this year was unexpected to me and I wonder how people felt during the major crisis. Times like these I will take a look at my watchlist and see if any of them had reached my price.

1. Index Portfolio 

Added 20 units of IWDA as part of this portfolio strategy. Was lucky to have been able to buy at a much lower price due to the fears in the market.

2. Income Portfolio 

Added 500 units of SGX. Eventual aim is to increase in this portfolio up to 10-15 equally weighted stocks.

Final thoughts: Although I have been in the market for not long, Patience is one of more important trait of an investor. There might be alot of noise around us or people around us trading stocks, showing us their gains. We have to know what is our end goal when we invest and stick to the plan in order to not be wavered. Like some great man said, time in the market is more important than timing the market. Have a warchest ready, do your homework and when opportunity arises as seen in Feb and Oct, take action!


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