Portfolio Update

Portfolio Update – November 2021 (300k Achieved!)

Time flies indeed, in the blink of an eye we are into the second last month of the year!

Been really busy with work – lots of planning and in preparation for the final event for the year before we wrap up and take a step back in December. Looking forward to December where I could clear my leave and have a proper break before the new year.

Daily cases of COVID-19 are still hovering in the thousands. However, on the bridge side, our majority of the populations has been vaccinated and fatality rates remain low. With more Vaccinated Travel Lanes (VTL) being opened, international travelling is regaining. However, it will be some time away before we can freely travel without having to take a series of test/filling of forms.

The recent craze has been about alt coins with some lucky individual attaining a million dollars on a 8000 dollars bet on Shiba Inu. “Blue chip” coins like BTC and ETH have been making all time highs. Also, with options to stake coins to attain up ~12% interest per year, it seems easy money compared to investing in the traditional stock market. These investments or gamble (as some might like to call it), are highly volatile and one definitely shouldn’t #yolo. Always have a proper asset allocation, don’t invest more than you can lose and get emotionally affected for any fluctuation in price.

Growth Portfolio

With the recent 11.11, Alibaba reported another year of record sales figure. Total gross merchandise volume (GMV) increased 8.5% from a year ago, this is despite the ongoing regulatory crackdown.

With Alibaba constituting <5% of my overall networth, am not too concerned with the temporal decline and will patiently wait for the sun to shine again.

Index Portfolio

Added monthly funds to MBH bond to bring back to the ideal asset allocation. Both the S&P 500 and World Index continues to increase and hit all time highs.

Its amazing how a passive portfolio can net ~30%, with not much effort required once the initial set up is done. That’s why they say don’t fight the market, join them!

Yield Portfolio

As part of increasing the yield for this portfolio, have been monitoring REITS to increase my percentage in them.

Recently added Capitaland China Trust as the share price dipped. I like that the management is diversifying into business parks, logistics facilities and data centres. Rough calculation based on 2019 dividend of 9.9cents, current price of S$1.2 will give ~8% yield. Which is not bad while we continue to receive dividends and wait for the COVID situation to pass.


Networth hit an all time high of ~305k! Looking back the last 100k was in December 2020. It took 11 months (200k to 300k) compared to 21 months (100k to 200k). Despite maintaining the same savings rate, the networth grew due to the rise in equities post COVID meltdown.

Was definitely lucky to have invested during the decline in 2020. Moving ahead, I do not foresee the next 100k to be as fast as the last one. But who knows, perhaps an opportunity will come around.

Til the next update, take care!

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