Portfolio Update November 2019

Much things have changed since the last update. Finally passed an important assessment to advance further in my career. Went on a trip to Phuket with a close friend of mine. Phuket is quite an interesting place, the entire place doesnt means feel Thailand at all. The old town feels like the streets of Malacca while the beaches are filled by Caucasians making me feel as if im in Europe. Despite that, its really a beautiful place with pristine beaches and of course delicious thai food. Let the pictures do the talking.

Racha Island

Karon View Point

One of the best pork belly I had! One Chun Restaurant

Streets of Phuket Old Town

The next 5 months ahead will be relatively busy as I will be on another career advancement course. Things will surely get tougher in the days ahead, but just have to work extra hard and enjoy the process!

Hadnt been monitoring the news much over the months so not much movement in my portfolio. Been wanting to add OCBC as it fell to 10.6x which I felt was an ok price to increase my holdings in it. However, I hesitated and wanted to wait for it to fall to 10.5x before adding. Since then it has rose back to close to 11. Oh wells, opportunity will come again and be sure to catch it the next time.

As the market rose, I also took the chance to sell off some of my Singtel. Singtel is the first stock that I bought and has given me good dividends (>5%) thus far. However, one of the associate of Singtel isnt doing so well, if profit does not improve over time I suspect the dividend might be cut. Will be keeping the remaining stake in Singtel as I still believe over the long term, the largest company in this sector will still prevail.

For reits, although they have dropped abit from their highs, I still feel that they are quite expensive for my comfort level. Will be quietly waiting at the sidelines while hoarding cash in the meantime.

Income Portfolio

Index Portfolio

Net Worth (Dec’ 19): ~143k 
Will be calculating my net worth (Cash, Bonds, Equities, excluding CPF) and hopefully make a graph to see my progress! 

Enjoy the rainy season and Merry Christmas to Everyone!



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