Portfolio Update Jun 2019

So much has happened in the past one month. Successfully completed my training course after 6 months and got a little surprise at the end. Went for a short HK trip, food was great but the crowd and heat was definitely not. First week into my new role and could already feel the intensity coming fast and furious. Was so occupied at work that I didnt analyse certain companies that Im interested in or keep myself current with the on going world economy happenings.

Income Portfolio

1. Sold off Starhill Gbl Reit
– Selling this to lock in capital gains and add on to my warchest for better opportunities

2. Sold of QAF
– Loss of ~7% (inclusive of dividends). Wasnt confident that they could sustain their dividend payouts with the weakening earnings from their pork business.

3. Sold off Kingsmen Creative
– Loss of ~7% (inclusive of dividends). Earnings have been weakening and dividend payouts has been inconsistent for the past 5 years. Decided to let go this counter and redeploy the capital to better opportunities.

4. Sold off Singtel
– Decided to sell off 1/3 of my holdings of Singtel with the recent run up in price. It has been a while since Singtel has been a green in my portfolio. Will be holding on to the remaining shares for the XD and being a leader in the telco industry, my personal opinion is that they will fare well in the long run.

Index Portfolio

Was supposed to inject my monthly contribution to this portfolio. However, with the run up in prices and in the current climate, I have decided to hold on to the cash for this month. Outstanding amt to be invested in this portfolio: $1400.

Currently holding on to ~40% of cash and will be selective in deploying them to good sustainable businesses. 


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