Portfolio Update July 2019

Its kind of interesting how one man’s tweet can cause the financial markets to move. Trump has once again escalated the trade war by imposing a 10% tariffs on chinese imports to the US. Global indexes fell ~3% after the news, STI was also down by 1%. Being a millenial in the accumulation phase, I am more than happy to see prices drop.

Income Portfolio

No new additions to this portfolio.
Will be interested to add more banking stocks, HK Land if the prices drop even more.

Generally, reits are still on the high side with the blue-er chips like MCT, CMT way beyond their NAV.

Index Portfolio

Vanguard released a new ETF, VWRA, in July. It is an all world index with consisting of large and mid caps companies in developed and emerging countries. This is an accumulating fund which means that the dividend will be automatically reinvested. Although I like VWRA, the low volume and it being a new fund does not stick well with me. After some consideration, I will not be adding furthur into my IWDA, EIMI and instead switch to VWRD, which is the same fund as VWRA but distributes dividends. 
Reason being:
– Combining IWDA and EIMI into VWRD makes it easier for me to allocate and rebalance my portfolio. Ideal allocation would be VWRD (60%), STI ETF (30%), ABF SG Bond (10%)
– Dividend collected can be invested when the markets is down 
– Dividend can be used during retirement and not touch on the existing shares 
Cupcake (Maybe I should consider changing the name of this diary, any suggestions?)

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