Portfolio Update July 2018

Hello everyone, the month of July saw the introduction of property cooling measures. ABSD went up while LTV went down. More info can be found here: https://blog.moneysmart.sg/property/property-cooling-measures-2018/. Property stocks were definitely affected, City Dev dropped ~17%, UOL group dropped ~15% and I felt that the drop was rather excessive. This reminded me that the market is always full of opportunities to invest and that we should always have a war chest ready to take advantage of such situations.

1. Indexing Portfolio

USD – SGD Rate: 1.37

No additions to this portfolio.

Individual Portfolio

Bought: None

Sold: Sabana Reit (+13.5% inclusive of dividends)

Not much actions for this month, slowly building up my capital. Have a few stocks that is on my watchlist and will take action once the price is yummy. In the meantime still monthly DCA into indexes to stay invested.

Total Dividends Received (In July):


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