Portfolio Update

Portfolio Update – Jul 2021

Two months just flew past since the last update, so what have I been up to?

Was being deployed on a overseas work trip – gained valuable lessons, experiences and definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone. Not to mention the 5 swab tests that I had to undergo (yikes!)

Was looking forward to the improved COVID-19 situation after my work trip, but the situation seems to have gotten worst with the recent KTV clusters.

The spreading of clusters goes to show how easily the virus can spread and requires everyone compliance to keep the numbers down.

Let’s all do our part to keep the virus at bay; wear a mask when heading out and observe to social distancing.

Now, for the portfolio updates.

Income Portfolio

With the recent sell down in the China tech stocks, I took the opportunity to add some Alibaba; the sell down was a little excessive in my opinion ever since the failure of ANT IPO. With the price hovering near 52W low, it gives a certain margin of safety and room for price appreciation when this entire episode is over.

IREIT Global also had a rights issue at $0.595 per unit which I fully applied with some excess. Assuming the resumption of dividends, the yield would be ~9%. In the meantime, I will be happily sitting on this stable stock and collect dividends.

Index Portfolio

The bull never seems to stop with the US and World Index trending higher every month. S&P500 gained ~20% YTD and I guess that is why they say never bet against the market.

Times like these makes it emotionally tough to invest the monthly amount. Nonetheless, I added my monthly amount to CSPX, IWDA and EIMI – bringing them back to the ideal asset allocation.

Net-worth rose to an all time high of ~S$285,000; achieving my goal of 2021. Lets see if we can bring this number up to S$300,000 before the year ends.

Cash is running low with the deployment into Alibaba, IREIT rights. With prices soaring higher, I will be sitting on the sidelines and refilling up my warchest.

Til the next update, Cheers!

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