Portfolio Update February 2019

Hi everyone, the shortest month of the year just ended – although it was long and tough for me.

Work: Intensity of planning for various projects continue on. Dynamics in the group starts to get a little trickier as some people in the group are not pulling their weight. Focus on the important goal and not give up in the process!
Family: Did not spend as much time as I wanted to with them due to work commitments on weekdays. Weekend meals will have to carry on.
GF: Ended the rs right before valentines. It was abrupt and it hurts. Things change and so do people, let the happy memories remain and keep in touch.
Health and Fitness: Ramped up my exercise regime by running on alternate days. Comfortably able to run below 30mins for 5km, good improvement from previous month.
Savings: Maintained 60% savings rate (Including CPF)

Not much action for my portfolio due to the prices drifting away higher from my expected price.
Bought another month of SSB as part of the DBS Multiplier interest ‘hack’ and to place my emergency funds there. Monthly DCA into IWDA as per usual.

Income Portfolio

Index Portfolio 

Based on forecast should be reaching my 100k networth target in 2 months time! Looking forward.


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