Portfolio Update Aug 18

Hello everyone, have been really inactive these past months in the stock scene. Mainly building on my warchest and doing my due diligence for my watchlist while waiting for good opportunities. Was calculating my total net worth was glad to find out that the goal of 70k asset by end of year could be achieved earlier. (YAY!) Shall challenge myself and aim to achieve 75k asset by end of year.

Personally for the accounting of asset, I would just include stocks, bond + cash.

1. Indexing Portfolio

USD – SGD Rate: 1.37
No additions to this portfolio. Going forward would be focusing more on dividend investing and hence the value in this portfolio will slowly be divested away.

Individual Portfolio 

No additions to this portfolio. Will be monitoring my watchlist and eventually add to 10 – 15 stocks.

Quite sad to see that QAF dropped almost 20 cents from my purchase price. Being an investor in QAF, we must understand the headwind that their pork business is facing and whether their fundamentals is still intact. That being said, would be looking into adding more once it hits my purchase price.

Challenge for myself going forward would be to post at least one post relating to life / finance / housing to share my thoughts with people my age and also gain opinions from the community.
Thanks for reading.


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    Hi Cupcake

    Good work on hitting the projected asset of $70k earlier than expected. This even though qaf has a rather bad year but I think once the pork margins stabilized we probably see qaf back again in the retail scene.

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