Portfolio Update April 2018

Hello everyone, its me again, been quite some time since I last blogged. April was a hectic month for me, having to prepare for finals and submission of FYP. Learnt lot of stuff during this period which I would probably blog once exam finishes. Just finished my 2 papers and have some time to rest and might as well give an update! 

1. Indexing Portfolio (KO)

USD – SGD Rate: 1.33
Similarly like previous months, invested 20 units of IWDA @ 54.5USD. 
2. Individual Portfolio
Bought: KingsmenCreative 
Sold: None 
Added KingsmenCreative to my portfolio albeit a small one to diversify into another sector. 
Warchest is running low for me and would unlikely be adding into more positions unless the price is depressed. We have a few plans (Airmiles + Credit Card Cashback, High Saving Account + SSB) that we will be implementing and would blog in the future. Til then take care! 


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