Mini Life + Portfolio Update

Hello everyone, its me again (Yes only updating my portfolio now in Jun). So what have I been up to since my last post?

– Mugging my ass off for the last few papers of my uni life
– Short ‘Grad’ trip to Penang
– Getting used to working life

And with this I finally graduated!! (pats myself on the back). The transition from working life was quite abrupt for me and for the first two weeks I totally knocked out upon reaching home. This is the third week I’m into my job and my body seems to be getting used to this new routine. As a result, I didnt have much time to do analysis of the current stocks. I will be writing a post on my reflections of uni so stay tuned!

On the Finance front, some new implementations:
– Applied for High Savings Account (DBS Mutiplier)
– Applied for Credit Card (DBS Altitude)
– Sorted out my insurances
– Started paying essential bills for the family

Would also be sharing on the choices of my savings account, credit cards, considerations of the insurances I have. (Hopefully I have enough energy after work).

1. Indexing Portfolio


USD – SGD Rate: 1.34

No actions take for this month. Overall growth in this portfolio mainly due to the increase in market price of overseas indexes.

2. Individual Portfolio


Bought: Additional Singtel, QAF

Sold: None

The previous month saw a dip in the prices of QAF and Singtel which I took advantage to increase my holdings in them. Singtel dropped to an even lower price of 3.23 after I entered. Am I dumb to average down on Singtel, will it follow the fate of SPH? I cant see the future but I’m comfortable with it and can sleep well. When stock prices fall, it might not necessarily be due to the changing fundamentals but by the mass market sentiments. Do our own diligence and we will be fine!

Total Dividends Received (In May):

  • Kingsmen Creative ($30)
  • Starhill Global ($54.5)
  • ComfortDelGro ($90.75)
  • Sabana ($88)

Total: $263.25

Thanks for reading! Take care and til next post.



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