Lunar New Year

Happy Lunar New Year to everyone!

Hope everyone has been enjoying this festive season. Take a break from work / studying, catch up with one another or just like me looking forward to savour some delicious food. Visiting is a tradition during this CNY and of course there will be many relatives and random uncles aunties that you only see once a year. Just wanted to note down an unpleasant observation I had. Among the conversations I heard, complaints were quite common. Singaporeans like to complain as we all know but there is a difference between those who complain:

Mr 1. Complain but take action

Mr 2. Complain and continue doing nothing

I’m particularly irritated by the characteristics displayed by Mr 2. Complain about low pay, unable to save, high cost, CPF etc. Year after year Mr 2 situation doesnt seem to improve. So I wonder does the problem lies with the society or he himself. If we dont try to help ourselves at the very least, how can we expect the government to be there to help us. Put efforts into things that we are within our control to help better our lives. For things that are beyond our control, pay less attention to it and leave it to fate. Just like the that people complain about CPF, how many of them actually benefit from the system? Since the system is here to stay, why not change our perspective and try to make the most out of it. Help us help ourselves by letting the government help us.

Enjoy the rest of the holiday (for those who are taking leave), til next time!


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  • Kevin

    Oh yeah, Mr 2. will also complain about his job/work – but continues to tahan all the unpleasantness and exhibit toxic negativity but yet, never leaves the job.

    Mostly, I just close two eyes and left-ear-in, right-ear-out.
    *diplomatic smile*

    It's all about figuring out roughly how the game of life is played, the pro-tips, cheat codes and unorthodox hacks – it's pretty fun to observe people as they try to figure it out.

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