Happiness from Spending Money

Was scrolling across Instagram and came across an interesting video by Nas Daily. https://www.instagram.com/p/B1NossRHSsC/?igshid=1ceefb14z6feo

How many of us will have the tendency to spend more as our income increases. Most of us will fall into this category and its fine to reward ourselves once in a while and as long as we do not spend more than we earn. 
However, for those who are trying to FIRE, it does not make much sense to spend extra money on certain over priced item because of their branding. For example, buying a shirt with a specific logo for double the price. There’s only so much material stuff we need in life and there isnt a need to show off and keep up with the joneses. I’m not saying we should save money and deprive ourselves but instead think if by spending money on something will it bring happiness. For example, I love to spend money on travelling as it creates experiences for me to look back on many years on. What’s yours? 

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