Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019!

Hello everyone! First a Merry Christmas to all, hope you all have enjoyed this festive season and managed to clear leave / take time off to unwind and spend time with our loved ones. As I just turned 24 (scary how time past so fast) and as we approach the last few days of 2018 I would like to pen down some thoughts on how the year has been.

Transition from Student to Working Adult
After 4 years of University I have successfully graduated! I have definitely grown / changed during these 4 years due to the various experiences that I have been exposed to. Initially I felt that university wasnt as fun as I expected because I didnt have the right friends. However, when I started to step out of my comfort zone to approach and meet new people, things became better. In year 2, I met a group of friends who were like minded and really enjoyed their company. They made the mugging days seem so much enjoyable, sharing with one another knowledge so that we can all level up together. Some of us spent 6 months together in Sweden for exchange and many beautiful memories were forged. Even as I recall now, the lunches that we had at the awful canteen was a beautiful memory that I will keep with me. I believed that everyone has scored fairly well and wish you all the best in your working career.

Takeaway: Step out of your comfort zone and meet new people.

Shortly after graduation I began working. Work was a different ball game from school. In school you had a fixed schedule: study this topic, test, exam, holiday. The cycle repeats. However at work, things are more dynamic and I have to be prepared to tackle these issues. There is also an aspect of interaction, how you communicate with your colleagues, bosses. Being able to communicate to influence is an important skill, as I realised that those who are able to communicate well tend to stand out and be recognised more (of course must have substance la).

Takeaway: Be a team player, communicate well, have a positive attitude and work hard.


Penang – 3 Days Grad trip in May

Guangzhou, Guilin – 5 Days in Dec

Johor – 4 Days in Dec

Im more a foodie / scenery traveller. As long as there is nice food and scenery I would want to travel there.

Recently been to Guilin, China. Its a very scenic place. Let the photos do the talking!


Try to stay home to have meals with my family and bring them out for meals during the weekend. Not much family bonding activities like going to the park / movies together, which is something that I would want to improve in the coming year.

Quarrels between my GF have increased and we would quarrel over small stuff. I feel that quarrels are inevitable and it is how we talk it out properly to resolve and move ahead together.

– Bring family out for walks at least once a month.
– Be more patient, caring towards gf. Sudden surprises to keep the rs exciting.

I have not been the best of shape ever since I started my last year of uni. I would that think my current body condition is the worst in my entire life. The IPPT results shows it, barely scrapping a Silver this year. Moving ahead, the priority is to lose the extra weight off. Running at least 10km a week and do 100 push ups everyday.

Goal: Follow the fitness plan. Control diet.

I have taken on to pay my entire house telco, utilities bill so as to lessen my parents load.
Food expenditure on myself hover around 300-400.
Drinks ~ 20 – 35
Entertainment ~ <30
Others – Variable

After deducting all the above, an off the hand calculation, I saved at least 55% of my income (including CPF). I recently read an article saying that in the initial stage of wealth building, savings play a bigger role than investing returns. Also, another article on why on the first 100k is the most important, Link: http://sgyounginvestment.blogspot.com/2018/02/heres-why-first-100k-savings-is-really.html). With that, moving ahead I would aim to save at least 60% of my monthly income (including CPF).

Goal: Save at least 60% of monthly income.

The month of December once again remind me that the stock market is volatile and does not care about our feelings. I just have to not let my emotions get ahead of me and stick to the plan. For me the plan is to have two portfolio; Income one through Dividend Investing & Growth one through Index Investing.

Income Portfolio

Index Portfolio

My income portfolio has a lack of reits and I would be looking into getting some solid reits if valuation comes down to bargain price.
Total networth comes up to 83.5k (Achieving my goal for 2018)

Time-weighted Returns (Local stocks)
-6.67% (Mine) vs -11.23% (ES3)

Still an ugly sight, an all full cash portfolio would have won me by a mile.

Cumulative Rate of Return (International Index)
-13.87% (Mine) vs -11.87% (S&P 500)

As long as I maintain my plan in the long run, this small turbulence would not matter much. My next aim for 2019 would be to attain a net worth of 110k.

A summary of my goals for 2019:
1. Work – Be more outspoken, take charge, have a positive attitude -> Score at the top 15% for all tests, perform my best during course.

2. Family – Bring family out for activities at least once a month. Plan a short holiday.
Be more patient towards gf, surprise her when she is feeling stressed at work.

3. Health & Fitness – Attain gold for IPPT, reduce weight to 85kg -> Run 10km every week, 100 push ups everyday. Revise exercise plan when needed.

4. Investing & Saving – Save at least 60% of salary, 110k net worth.

Its been a fulfilling year thus far and managed to achieve most of the goals I set out last year. Moving forward lets work hard towards our goals and at the same time remember to spend time with our loved ones, watch for our health. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

Signing Off,


  • B

    Hi Cupcake

    I didn't know that you are only 24! I thought you are closer to 30 based on your portfolio. To have over $80k when you are just 24 is simply mind blowing. I think you will become a sensation a few years from now.

    I've been to Guilin too around 10 years ago and indeed they are very beautiful in nature which is the kind of holiday mood I really enjoy.

    Have a great 2019 ahead.

  • KPO

    Hi Cupcake,

    Congrats on your graduation and welcome to the working world! Personally, I prefer working more than studying. Hahaha. As B mentioned, pretty impressive portfolio for someone at your age. Hope you will be able to meet all your goals, jia you!

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