First Milestone Achieved! + Portfolio Update March 2019

Hi everyone, in the blink of an eye, March is about to end. Hope the first quarter of 2019 has been good for all of you!

After 10 months of working since graduation, I became more accustomed to how the working world is like. Work has been enjoyable thus far but there have been instances of people wayang-ing to bosses, office politics – making things are seemingly easy but them twisting their words to make the whole issue complicated. I guess this is the rat race that everyone is taking about, building a financial safety net so one day you have the choice to leave all these behind. Work is also never ending and we have to draw a line where we can rest, relax and spend time with our loved ones.

I was looking through my bank balance and was delighted to receive my first PB since I started working! After tabulating my net worth (Stocks, Bonds, Cash), I am pleased to say that I have attained my first goal – Attained 100k by end 2019. Managed to attain this at age 24, much earlier than my projected date mainly due to the unexpected PB, dividends and some capital growth from investments. What has changed after I attain my first goal? Honestly nothing much when I saw this number, just makes me feel that my method thus far has been working and seeing my money grow is definitely satisfying. First 100k took 24 years, how long will be the next 100k? Next near term goal will be to attain 125k net worth by end 2019.

Income Portfolio

Not much bargains this month, will be slightly cautious in deploying money to this portfolio in view of the noises of the inversion of the yield curve, brexit and what not. 
Index Portfolio

Will continue DCA-ing into this portfolio as per the plan. Meanwhile building up my warchest and waiting at the sidelines for better opportunities. 


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