30 Days Challenge!

Hi everyone, this will be an unrelated finance post for today. Recently there has been a popular workout that has sort of gone viral: One Punch Man Workout (https://mothership.sg/2019/03/one-punch-man-workout-challenge-singapore/) Participants are required to do push ups, sit ups, squats and run according to the various level. I’ve not been very diligent in maintaining my previous physical regime thus the need for this. Decided to post this here to keep myself accountable too!

Due to the work commitments, I am not able to run everyday thus a need to modify the workout as follows:
– 100 push ups
– 10 pull ups
– 3x 1min planks

These can be done anywhere without the need for much physical space.

Completed with my Day 1 yesterday and was struggling with the pull ups (Did not do pull ups ever since they changed the IPPT system). Will increase the intensity or add additional exercises, depending on how my body adapts to the regime. Looking forward to see the results (if any), at the end of this 30 days!


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