30 Days Challenge Review

Hi everyone, Im back after the 30 days challenge. Initially I set out to do 100 push ups, 10 pull ups and 3x 1min planks daily for 30 days straight. However I wasnt discipline enough and only did 100 push ups 😡

So how did I fare? The first week was the toughest and my arms were sore for the first few days. Subsequently I got used to the routine and it became a habit to do it everyday. By the 4th week I was able to complete the 100 push ups within 10mins.

Physically wise, my weight decreased by 1kg although I was eating a little more than usual the last month. Arms, shoulders, chest are more defined.

Moving ahead for the next 30 days:
1. 100 Push ups
2. 100 Leg Raises
3. 3x 1 Min Plank
4. 50 Burpees
5. No fried Food
6. No Fast Food
7. Only Plain Water


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