2019 Year in review

A Merry Christmas to everyone! Time really flies, 1 more day and we will be welcoming a new decade. 2019 had been a long year for me, managed to accomplish some of the stuff I set out and also lost some. How did I fare so far in my goals for 2019?

1. Work – Be more outspoken, take charge, have a positive attitude -> Score at the top 15% for all tests, perform my best during course. (Achieved)

For the initial half of the year, I was on course and subsequently had to attain an important license in order for me to progress in my career. Thankfully the stars were aligned and I managed to excel in the course as well as attain the license. There were definitely days where I was down but was thankful to have friends who were there to encourage me and spur me on. Thankful for my bosses for always believing in me and stretching me further to fulfil my potential. Its very important to have good working relations with your colleagues/bosses because we never know when we might cross path again in future and would require each other’s help. Also, having a good relationship at work will allow me to look forward to come to work even though at times the work might be challenging. 

Takeaway: Work hard, build good working relationships, be humble when learning, learn from mistakes and be better and lastly enjoy the entire process.

2. Family – Bring family out for activities at least once a month. Plan a short holiday.
Be more patient towards gf, surprise her when she is feeling stressed at work. (Try Harder)

Although we did not manage to go on a holiday as a family this year, my mum had the chance to go overseas together when I was on leave this Jun. There were times when I was kind of impatient and slightly rude to my mum. On hindsight should have been more patient and talk nicely. As my parents are growing older, Im concerned about their health. Dad has not been in the best of health this year and hopefully he starts exercising once he retires next year. Ended a 2 year rs with my gf, things were growing apart as we started focusing more on our career. Its saddening that we didnt manage to make things work out together and the break was indeed pain. Have gotten over it after many months and am clearer in the partner that Im looking for.

Takeaway: Be patient, understanding and communicate well.

3. Health & Fitness – Attain gold for IPPT, reduce weight to 85kg -> Run 10km every week, 100 push ups everyday. Revise exercise plan when needed. (Try Harder)

Physical fitness was lacking this year. Stuck to the plan to do 100 push ups everyday run 10km every week for about a month, however when work load increased the plan dissolved. Luckily I did not fall sick this year. Managed to score 80 points for IPPT (Silver) despite the lack of running, which means I have to train a little more to attain gold!

Takeaway: Stop being a lazy bum and exercise regularly for my own future good. 

4. Investing & Saving – Save at least 60% of salary, 110k net worth. (Achieved)

Many people were expecting the market to crash this year but yet the SNP500 gained ~30% ytd. Managed to save at least 65% of my salary and achieved a net worth of $145,500. The plan to invest monthly and ignore the noises worked out and did not miss out on the growth. Some money have been set aside to invest in good dividend stocks in SGX but the prices kept trending higher. Shall continue with my index portfolio for exposure outside of SG and mainly for capital growth. Income portfolio for SGX stocks for mainly stable dividend income.

Takeaway: Ignore the market noises and stick to the plan.

2019 was a good year for me in the career and financial aspect. Had been pushed out of my comfort zones several times to do new things which has been beneficial for my professional growth. Had created a good base for my finances and am not so worried about the fluctuations in the market or the impending crash. More work needs to be done in the rs aspect and helping my parents to age happily as they slowly transit to retirement. Overall health needs to be improved and stick to the plan as set out. Managed to travel to Hong Kong with my family less Dad and a second trip to Phuket with my bestie.

Goals for 2020: 

1. Career – Take charge of my own learning, work hard, be a better people’s person, have a positive mindset -> Attain top 15% of the cohort

2. Relationships – Communicate better with my family, plan a trip overseas. Pursue my potential date and have a committed lasting rs. Continue to stay in contact with close friends and make the effort to meet up.

3. Health & Fitness – Attain gold for IPPT, reduce weight to 82kg. Exercise every alternate days, if unable to, do extra workouts during the weekends.

4. Investing & Saving – Maintain at least 60% savings rate, 185k net worth.

Moving forward, things will slowly get more hectic as I progress further in my course with assessments coming up. Second half of the year will see me taking on the role of one of the department head. This has been something that I had training up for and am excited yet nervous for what lies ahead. Parents would be slowly quitting from their jobs and transit to retirement. Things are ever changing but one thing is to always slow down and remember what are you working hard for? Wishing everyone a Happy New Year and lets have a good year ahead!


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