Portfolio Update – Sep 2021

August has been a really busy month but fulfilling at the same time.

Great experience to be able to have exchanges with foreign counterparts despite the ongoing COVID19 situation.

Infection rates have been increasing steadily over the past weeks, especially since the onset of the bus interchange clusters.

The news also reported that daily cases could go up to 2000 in Oct. On the bright side, vaccination rates in Singapore hit 80%.

To protect ourselves and our loved ones, try not to head out unless for necessary activities.

It’s also interesting to see how we have all adapted to the new normal; working from home, wearing of masks, safe entry.

Income Portfolio

Contemplated on adding Tencent, however with the requirement to buy minimally 100 stocks, averaging low would be hard with limited capital.

Instead, I further averaged down on my existing stake in Alibaba as it dipped below US$160.

China tech stocks saw a short rebound, however it did not sustain and went down shortly.

Seems like investors are trying to avoid the Chinese market due to the ongoing regulations.

Honestly, I have no idea where the market will be headed to, but history tells us that based on current valuation of China Tech there is sufficient margin of safety.

Patience would be needed until the bad news fade and companies evolve to survive with the new regulations.

Index Portfolio

Monthly investment of S$2500 into this portfolio. Indexing continues to outperform the income portfolio.

There has been articles warning investors that the S&P500 would crash, am I worried?

Definitely, not as this portfolio is in for the long term. A crash would allow me buy more stocks with the same amount of capital.

One more step closer to networth of 300k!

Till the next update. Thanks for reading.

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