Portfolio Update March 2018

“It’s best to turn off the noise”

Hello everyone, been really busy this month with preparation of quizzes as well as FYP. Wasnt able to blog as much as I wanted to. Its the time of the month again to record down the progress of the portfolio!

The month of March was another volatile one, seeing DOW drop by 700 points on fear of a trade war arising.

1. Indexing Portfolio 

USD – SGD Rate: 1.31

Bought 20 units of IWDA @ 53.14USD as part of staying invested in the stock market.
Still sticking to the plan of buying into the laggard every month and rebalance yearly.

New addition to the blog! AL’s Posb Invest Saver. Monthly addition of $400 to this portfolio.
Plan to increase this portfolio to a significant amount before investing in individual stocks. In the meantime, keeping a warchest should the market present us with opportunities to buy.

2. Individual Portfolio

Bought: None
Sold: None

This month was relatively quiet. On fear of trade war stock prices went down, but prices are not tastefully low enough for me to nibble. Going forward, I expect the market to be even more volatile and will only add to the Individual Portfolio if the price is right, continue being invested through the Indexing Portfolio and not trying to anticipate corrections.

“Stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient” – Warren Buffet
so keep calm, stick to the plan, identify good companies to invest in and jump on them once the opportunity arises.



  • SingaporeanTalksMoney

    Hi Cupcakedcrusader,

    Amazing portfolios you have there. Love that you have an index portfolio besides your individual one. You have also build up quite a substantial portfolio for your age! Hoping to hear more from you:)

  • CupcakedCrusader

    Hello SingaporeanTalksMoney,

    Warm welcome to my humble page! Fortunate enough to have my studies sponsored, saved a sum and a little gain from the previous investments. Looking forward to learn from you too 🙂


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