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Portfolio Update – Mar 2021

The month of March was pretty eventful at work which kept me busy most of the time. Projects are starting to stream in and things will get busier as we begin a new financial year.

Good thing about March is when most of us receive our appraisal and bonus! The past year has been pretty kind to me and I was blessed to be given opportunities to take on projects that exposed myself to the bigger part of the organisation. One feedback that I definitely work on was to be more vocal, express my opinions verbally and not keep my thinking internally.

I wasnt paying attention much to the market (not like you need to) during March and only heard sporadic news of the Tech correction. However, even with the correction, S&P500 hit an all time of 4020.63.

Back at home, the STI gained 11.1%, outpacing all of the world benchmark, with then next best performing being the S&P(+10.8%).

Income Portfolio

No additions to this portfolio. Banks continue to run up since last month and definitely not cheap at the current valuations.
CDG and SATS are starting to recover but it will be a long wait before we see them resume back to pre-covid levels.

Index Portfolio

For March, my asset allocation indicated for me add my monthly funds into bonds. I switched things up abit and will be picking MBH as my go to bond henceforth.

MBH invests in SGD bonds issued by highly rated corporations which is relatively safe (think names like DBS, UOB, OCBC, NTUC, LTA). With the average credit rating for bonds in this index to be A, risk of default is likely to be low and gives a higher yield than A35.

After consolidating all my liquid assets excluding CPF, I finally crossed a quarter of a million! The projected target of S$280,000 by end of year seems to be on track.

With the stocks in SGX watchlist being far from cheap, I will be rebuilding my warchest and wait for the next sell down.

I’m not too concerned with the changes in treasury yields, S&P500 hitting ATH or corrections in the tech sector. Events like these occured before in the past and will continue to do so in our investing lifetime. Handle the things that are within our control; continue to stick to your investing plan.

If you are also investing in an index, continue to put in fresh money monthly, according to your set asset allocation. Stay calm and dont let emotions cloud your actions.

Thanks for reading!

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