Portfolio Update June 2018

Hello everyone, time flies and half of the year has past already. Its the world cup season and the ‘Sell in May and go away’ syndrome seems to be true this time round. The STI closed at 3.30, wiping off the entire gains for the year. My portfolio was not spared either, time weighted returns -3.64% (Yikes!). This has been the worst drawdown ever since my investing journey started not long ago. Imagine those who have experienced the 2008 period, with portfolios decreasing by 40 – 50% :O. That being said, times like these are the best to take advantage of the situation, investing in exceptional business with durable competitive advantage.

1. Indexing Portfolio

USD – SGD Rate: 1.37

Bought: 300 of ES3 as part of being consistent with my indexing portfolio plan.

Individual Portfolio 


Bought: 500 of Singtel, average down my price slightly by taking a nibble.

Sold: None

Singtel was 3.23 from my previous update in May and now it dropped to 3.05. In a dilemma whether to furthur average down on Singtel as it constitutes about half of my Individual Portfolio. This period serves as a teaser to me when the real bears come full blown. Will be focusing on building up more on my warchest, taking a small nibble at good businesses in the meantime.

Total Dividends Received (In June):

  • Tuan Sing ($27)
Thanks for reading & enjoy the world cup, may the best team win!

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