Portfolio Update January 2019

Hi everyone, the first month of 2019 has ended. How have you fared on your New Year Resolutions?
Work: Piling up with various projects and deadlines to be met. Things are getting more stress and I could be more vocal in expressing my opinions of certain stuff/behaviour that I do not agree with.
Family: Was kind of rude to my mum when she was insistent on buying new year clothes for me despite my disapproval. In the end the size she bought was not fitting and I have to make another trip down to exchange for it (The practical side of me still disapproves). Should be thankful instead of raising my voice.
GF: Planning for a nice Valentine Day’s dinner for my gf to surprise her. Its been long since we went on a luxurious date (I know bad me). If anyone has nice suggestions for dining venues do let me know below!
Health and Fitness: Was sick for one week due to fever, flu, cough, sore throat, swollen eyes. Only ran 3km per week. Need to get down on this!
Saving: Managed to save at least 60% (including CPF) of my salary.

For the portfolio front, I made monthly purchases of SSB to store my emergency fund. Spreading out my SSB purchases across 6 months so as to receive monthly interest which would fulfil my DBS multiplier investment portion. Only stock purchase was IWDA as part of my strategy for Index portfolio.

Income Portfolio

Index Portfolio

Have been on a lookout to enter the stocks on my watchlist but still seems too high for my liking. Shall remain patient and stay at the sidelines. 
Thanks! Wishing all a Happy Chinese New Year. Hong Bao Na Lai 🙂 

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