Portfolio Update – Feb 2021

Been really busy with work and only managed to squeeze in some time to this weekend to review some companies and have a look at my investment portfolio.

Work seems to be never ending and time seem to past faster than ever. Though tired, am glad that I’m given the opportunity to be exposed to others projects at work. Looking forward for a short break (hopefully), after the end of this month!

In the past months, the stock market is nothing short of exciting – Gamestop saga, wild swing of tech stocks, bull run in crypto etc. Hearing colleagues talking about their double digit % gains in a short span of time seem to be quite normal these days. However, I’m still ignoring the noise and stick to my boring style of investing.

Why? Simply because I do not understand the absurdly high valuations of tech stock/crypto. I would still prefer an evidence based kind of investing (Income & Index) which has served well for many people before me.

Income Portfolio

Added Centurion when the priced dipped slightly after the release a profit warning guidance. Centurion seem to be unloved by Mr Market as it price remains low while the rest of STI has already picked up.

Centurion was prudent in not issuing a dividend in order to build up cash to survive through this difficult times. Based on the current price and last dividend of 2cents, it would give us a potential yield of 5.97%.

Banks have seen a massive rise in price as they recently reported a set of fairly good results. Prices now are quite fairly valued and certainly not a time to get into them now.

Index Portfolio

The S&P 500 index and world index has seen an insane recovery since the lows in Mar 20. Monthly addition to this portfolio and yearly reblancing.

For those who have no time to research into individual stocks, I’ll recommend you to adopt a passive index portfolio. A historically evidence based portfolio of low cost diversified index funds that will guarantee your share of the market.

Til then stay safe and hustle on!

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