Portfolio Update August 2019

Been quite stressed up due to work this entire month, the path ahead seems hazy. Hopefully, things goes well in the months to come, hang in there! The stock market remains as volatile and quite a few businesses have fallen in price. Took this opportunity to load up some OCBC as the price fell closer to its NAV. Have to be mindful to deploy my capital and not touch the warchest unnecessarily. 
Income Portfolio

Index Portfolio
Been reorganising this portfolio and this should be the finalised one. Took out STI ETF as this portfolio is for exposure outside of SG, the SG portion is taken care by the income portfolio. Included CSPX which is an accumulating Ireland Domiciled S&P500. This shall be a 3 fund portfolio consisting of CSPX, IWDA and ABF SG Bond. Shall keep the remainder of EIMI and wait to sell off once it turns green. 

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