Portfolio Update – Aug 2021

The past month has been rather enjoyable; perhaps being away from home for the past months made me miss things that I was previously doing like taking the public transport.

On the work front, load has been manageable and am enjoying the remaining time in my role before I move on at the end of the year. Had a dilemma in choosing my next appointment – both my bosses gave differing advice (reminds me of rich dad poor dad). Eventually I stuck to my initial belief and look forward to the upcoming challenges.

The arrival of August also marks another round of BTO selection. So far luck hasn’t been on my side – 3 applications thus far. Praying that 4th time will be the charm, else we have to start looking at resale options.

The past month also saw melt down in China Tech following the crack down on the private tutoring industry. Big names like Alibaba, Tencent declined ~40% from its peak. On the other hand, the S&P continues climbing higher this month.

Income Portfolio

Bank stocks have increased considerably with news of MAS lifting the dividend cap policy. I will be holding on to them for the long term given the good yield on cost.

With the virus still prevalent and travelling almost being non-existent – CDG, Centurion and SATS will still take some time before recovering. Likely it will be a wait before the economy starts opening up as majority of the population gets vaccinated and the world adapts to the new norm.

With China Tech dropping, I’m looking at other Big names apart from Alibaba (given my sizeable stake in it already). There is definitely fear in the Chinese Tech ongoing now, even Cathie Wood dumped her Chinese stocks back in Jul.

Index Portfolio

Monthly addition of S$2500 to this portfolio. Its indeed getting harder to invest monthly with the rising prices but have to be reminded to stay the course and not let emotion cloud.


Oh yes, you didnt see wrongly. I bought a very small amount of BTC and ETH when the prices crashed. Its really insane to see 20% gain in a few months.

Will limit this ‘portfolio’ to <1% of my networth and buy in when it crashes again.

Til then stay safe, Cheers!

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