December 2020 Portfolio Updates

The stock market continues its upward climb since my last portfolio update.  Dow Jones Industrial broke the 30,000k mark, S&P500 set its all time higher and even back at home STI Index closed above 2800. Did anyone correctly predicted this rise? If there is, did he also predicted the crash on 23 March? Perhaps we should pay less attention to the market and focus on saving and invest according to plan. 

I havent been giving much attention to the number of coronavirus around the world but it seems that even though Pfizer has developed a vaccine it would take quite some time before it gets distributed around the world. Til then, the number of cases in the countries closer to us like South Korea, Hong Kong and Malaysia continues to rise.

Income Portfolio

No transactions in this portfolio. 
Index Portfolio

Added 27 units of IWDA at 71.33 USD to bring it back to ideal allocation. 
Also, total Net Worth grew to an all time high of ~230k! This was largely due to the surrendering of an insurance policy of ~20k and the rise in the stock market. Looking back the last 100k was in March 2019, https://financialtoast.com/first-milestone-achieved-portfolio-update-march-2019/
100k – 200k journey took a total of 21 months. The last 100k journey was filled with ups and downs in the stock market, the worst being the recent crash in March due to the coronavirus. Perhaps through this journey I have better understood my style of investing (Index Investing + Dividend) and having gone through my first stock market crash, it gave me the greater conviction that my current method of investing do work. 
Will be sharing my thoughts on CPF, Insurance and Index Investing in the upcoming posts as I did a recent review on them. 

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