financial toast?

origins of financialtoast

Hello there! Welcome to Financial Toast. 

Financial Toast started as a personal blog to document and regularly keep track of my financial health. 

Personal Finance is such an important topic but our education does not prepare us for it. (Who remembers differentiation and integration anyway). Straight out of school, we have to find a job and concurrently figure out how to manage our monthly salary, investments, insurance, investing etc.

With the vast amount of information that is available online, one would definitely be confused like how I once was.

Hence, Financial Toast was created to document my experience as a millennial journey towards financial independence and share my experiences with readers. 

Some topics you will find in this blog includes:
– Personal Finance
– Investing
– Insurance
– Miles

Who am i?

I’m a ’94 millennial who graduated from Nanyang Technological University with a Degree in Mechanical Engineering and has been working since Jun 2018.

I aim to achieve an eventual passive income of S$50 000, have a portfolio with safe withdrawal rate of 4% and FRS by age 40. 

Enjoys Hiking | Swimming | Reading personal finance books | Huge advocate of index investing