Hey there!

Welcome to Financial Toast. This blog was created for me to note down my financial journey and share my experience as a millennial.

Personal Finance is such an important topic but our education does not prepare us for it. Straight out of school, we will have to deal with something called adulting; Figuring out how to manage the monthly salary, investments, insurance, investing etc. With the vast amount of information that is available online, one would definitely be confused like how I once was.

This blog will account my journey towards achieving Financial Freedom and for people to get interested in personal finance.

I am a ’94 kid who graduated with an engineering degree. Enjoys exploring new travel destination, hiking, taking in the different world experiences

My philosophy is to manage my money wisely and create a wealth machine that opens a door to pursue any aspirations.

Embarking on this journey towards being financially independent and welcome to anyone who wishes to do the same!